Shortly after waking up this morning, I realized there had been a terrible shooting during the night. Not because I saw hard news reports about the attack in an Orlando nightclub that left dozens dead; I found those a few minutes later. No, I first learned of the shooting through the reactions on social media: My Democratic friends were demanding gun control, and my Republican friends were vilifying Islam and linking the tragedy to Ramadan.

Both groups seemed more excited about the opportunity to promote their visions of an America without guns or Muslims than empathetic towards the victims or their heartbroken families.

Further scanning of the news feed revealed enough details that I was able to piece the story together — but mostly it revealed that a disturbing number of my “friends” view tragedies as fuel for their political agendas.

As former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel famously said, “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.” Clearly, the political right got the memo, too. Now both sides of the Democratic-Republican duopoly begin shouting their respective talking points before the pools of blood cool, much less dry.

The headlines of the next week or so could practically be written in advance. ‘Trump Renews Call for Ban on Muslims Entering U.S.” “Clinton Promises Meaningful Action on Gun Problem.” Et cetera. Both almost certainly have pre-written speeches filed away for such an occasion which will be read off of teleprompters any minute now.

It’s natural to want to fix problems, and shootings are certainly problems. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to prevent them. There’s nothing wrong with brainstorming possible solutions and discussing them.

I just wish that many of the people doing so — including my friends — didn’t seem so disinterested in the victims, and so gleeful about the chance to talk about their solution.